How to fix my Gmail account

Gmail is one of those services that you don't think about until it's gone. Gmail not working for you today? When the fan hits, you need to  fix my Gmail Account , but how? We're here to help as we discuss the five most common  Gmail not working  problems and how to  fix my Gmail Account . How do I fix my Gmail account? This is a bit ironic, but often when you have problems with your Google account. deleting the account from your mobile device. and reconfiguring it will solve a lot of problems. The beauty of a Google account is that everything is store on Google's servers. your mail, your documents, your movies, and videos, etc. All that will return once you reset your account. It's kind of a nuclear option, but it's also the easiest way to erase everything and bring it back. It is unclear, but simple. To do so, go to your settings area -> Accounts -> Google -> (tap the account you want to delete). Tap the ellipsis in the upper right corner -> Delete

Do you need a phone number for Gmail?

  Phone numbers play an important role in the security of information on Gmail accounts. Apart from receiving the notifications, it allows other people to get in touch with you. Gmail users can register multiple numbers in their accounts to recover it easily. Gmail will also remember your registered number for providing personalized emails. Moreover, if you are thinking of using google voice service then the same number will not be used for that. You have to activate a new  Gmail phone number  through the Gmail website to use the google voice service. You can follow the below steps to activate the Gmail voice on your account. Firstly, start your computer and open on any browser. After that, enter your google Gmail address, password and click on the “log in” tab. Now you are signed in to your Google account. Accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking on the “Continue” tab. Now enter your area code to search for a voice number available at your lo